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London & Cuisines

The moment you set your foot on the streets of London, you can’t help but notice the smooth cool breeze, active black hackney cabs, and electrifying city architecture which ranges from traditional art deco to the a la mode style. A city so diverse, classy, and welcoming. London stands out in so many ways; a sector that elaborates on the creative works of the city is the culinary sphere. So how majestic are cuisines in the UK capital? Simply put; it’s very British with a twine of class, artistic with a flare of different cultures, and imposing with an elegant contemporary style and taste.

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There are numerous ways to dissect the food landscape of London. Any route or angle you choose to look from gives you a unique and brilliant perspective of what to expect when touring. As you read on, you’ll be served with a main course meal of popular eating spots, accompanied by a remarkable dessert of where to fine-dine in London.


Smoke and Salt

There are many reasons why this joint is mention first – not because it trumped all rest (it’s pretty hard to choose the best), but the minimalistic artwork that went into building this place is like no other. Set up in a shipping container, the bistro’s bold-simple personality matches the sumptuous menu it offers. The affable aura is just the perfect complementary factor to take on octopus’ nuggets, together with the tender chopped beef heart. Don’t be shy to play with the Chimichurri sauce. This is a nice spot to enjoy with a loved one or close friends, as the prices are fair and the spaces cozy.


This is one of those restaurants where when you see the meal presentation, you might want to whisper on the waiter’s ear for the price. Even though the dishes are present with the utmost artistry and have nutritional contents similar to those of Haute Cuisines, they are pretty affordable. You can call this place the Pasta bar. If you aren’t a pasta fan, be sure to order Pasta Scaloppine and shin ragu; that should be able to transform your whole paradigm of the delicacy. The amply sized restaurant has an open configuration, bright enough to allow natural light to slip through brilliantly.


Stating that the meals here are tasty would be an understatement. In order to fully comprehend the mellow flavor of its meals, you’ll have to understand the origin and roots of chef Ramael Scully. Ramael was born in Malaysia to a Balinese-Irish father and Chinese-Indian mother. He spent part of his early life in Sydney, Australia. Every dish that passes through the hands of the skillful culinary artisan is to-die-for. The scarlet-velvety marinated ribs served with a mild-chilly thick soup, together with a plate of strawberry cheesecake would leave you lost for words. 


Full-English Breakfast

If you’ve never tried a Full English Breakfast and you happen to be in the UK, you are on the right grounds. You won’t believe how many elements make up this meal; ready for it? Cereals, juice, sausages, bacon, eggs, fresh fruits, toast, mushrooms, and many other yummy stuff that you won’t be able to keep up; you might as well add a cup of coffee. Even though it’s called breakfast, you can still enjoy it any time of the day when you crave for it.

Fish and Chips

When you mention this meal in public, you’ll get any Londoners stirred up. It’s safe to say that this meal is surely a staple. Most people argue that the fans of the delicacy are from the shores of Whitby and Brighton. However, the true birthplace of the meal is East London. The perfect places to devour a plate would be at the Poppies Fish and Chips – legendary, the Sea Shell of Lison Grove, Sutton and Sons, and the Fish Central.

Eating spots – check, lavish meals – check, now the only thing holding you back from all these A1 experiences is yourself.

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