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The Ferry From Chiquila To Isla Holbox

Many people who like to spend their vacations on the beach and when they have the opportunity to walk for the first time in the Mexican Caribbean, identify Holbox Island as a place not to be missed due to its many geographical qualities. However, when they evaluate the transfer to Holbox, in many cases they are surprised to find that to get to this island a ferry trip is required.

Indeed, a brief stage of the journey to arrive in Holbox takes place aboard a ferry. However, this nautical vehicle is not boarded at the beginning of a trip from Playa del Carmen or Cancún. Nor from nearby destinations like the Riviera Maya or Tulum. On the other hand, this ferry transfer is carried out in the last leg of the trip and we will mention more about it shortly. We will comment more about the ferry from Chiquila to Isla Holbox.

What is the ferry trip to Holbox Island like?

Holbox is presented as a paradise island located in the Gulf of Mexico. Beautiful island of exuberant nature, Holbox is separated from the mainland by a maritime expanse. Due to the above, if you intend to visit Holbox you must travel across the sea. Such a ferry crossing is one of the experiences that distinguish the recreational visit to Holbox. Vacationers usually enjoy this tour to the fullest due to the beautiful views of the marine environment and the spectacular scenery of the Caribbean.

Travel to Holbox Island from Chiquila

Taking into account that there is no ferry that takes us directly or indirectly to Holbox Island from Cancun (or from any other important vacation destination in the area) it is necessary to keep in mind where the nautical vehicle that will take us to Holbox departs from. In this case, it will be from the port or maritime terminal of Chiquila from where the ferries leave for Holbox.

Small fishing community located northwest of Cancún, in the municipal area of Lázaro Cárdenas, we are in one of the most attractive areas of the state of Quintana Roo. Currently, Chiquila has acquired a special tourist and economic relevance, especially for its maritime terminal. The logistical circumstance that you can only board the ferry to Holbox from the port of Chiquila makes the town important. Also the fact that Chiquila receives all the ferries that arrive from the aforementioned island.

Additional observations about the ferry to Holbox

Now, is it possible to travel by car to Holbox Island? The answer to this question is affirmative, but it is only possible to do so up to the community of Chuiquila. In this Caribbean community it is possible to find different areas to park cars and there you can leave the car you are using for the trip, just by paying a modest payment. Otherwise, cars are not allowed on Isla Holbox.

As with all Mexico Ferries, it is necessary to keep in mind certain references: the distance between the maritime terminal of Chiquila and Isla Holbox is 12.1 kilometers and the transfer time between both sites is approximately 25 minutes.

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